Civil Protection

The activity, characteristics or location of the companies may represent a risk for members of civil society, whether collaborators or third parties, beyond the insurance policies, it is essential that every company or work center in Mexico have the adequate plans and resources to face a contingency. That is why there are Civil Protection laws in municipalities and states, to ensure that all companies are aware of their risks and maintain adequate means to control them.

Integral Services all around Mexico

Beyond offering just a Civil Protection program, in Biso Consulting we make sure to offer an integral service that allows us to follow our client, from the knowledge of their risks, the documentation, recommendations and training, until obtaining the Approval (Visto Bueno) by the authority that corresponds to its demarcation.

  1. Internal Program of Civil Protection
  2. Specific Program of Civil Protection
  3. Brigade Training
    1. Fire
    2. Evacuation, search and rescue
    3. First aid
  4. Emergency drills
  5. Co-responsibility letter
  6. Procedure and management of the Civil Protection Approval
  7. Recommendations