Safety: Our professionals provide advice and technical studies to comply with internal and STPS standards of our customers, who belong to different industries. Some examples of our current clients are:

  • ASA , Aeropuertos y servicios auxiliares (2011 to date)
  • Farmacias San Pablo (2012 to date)
  • Sonda NextiraOne (2013 )
  • Grupo SEPSA (2013 )
  • PepsiCo (2013 )

Training: We also help our current customers to keep their employees, continuously trained in Safety, in order to prevent occupational accidents and diseases, and ensure compliance with the STPS standards through the appropriate contents and records. Biso Consulting is a registered external trainer agent at STPS.

Risk Management: We also offer our services in the industry through insurance brokers , to know and manage the risks arising from the characteristics of their facilities, contents , location , practices or activities. Some of the clients we attend indirectly are:

  • Natural gas industry
  • social and sports clubs,
  • hotel chains,
  • Self-service stores,
  • Chemical,
  • Storage,
  • Office buildings,
  • Car dealerships
  • Manufacturing.

Business Continuity Management:

Bimbo: Developing Business Continuity Plan (2008-2011) for seven plants of the group in Mexico and Latin America, through its insurance broker.

Televisa: Participation in the Disaster Recovery Plan for the Vice Presidency of open TV and development of Risk Analysis (2008) for San Angel, Chapultepec , Santa Fe and Protele, through its insurance broker.