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Safety (STPS)

Due to increased accidents and illnesses in different industries in Mexico, the competent Authorities (STPS) have increased in recent years the supervision on the implementation of its standards, the failure in the compliance of these standards increases occupational risk, economic sanctions and causes bad reputation for the company.

In Biso Consulting Engineers we have experienced, calibrated digital equipment, forms, procedures and everything required to provide your company with a package at the lowest cost at a convenient time to solve this problem and also provide important information on safety and hygiene that will appeal to corporate management in charge.

The main courses offered are:

  1. NOM-002-STPS-2010; Study to determine the fire risk degree.
  2. NOM-004-STPS-1999, Study to analyze the potential risks generated by the machinery and equipment.
  3. NOM-006-STPS-2000; Study to analyze associated risks to the use of machinery in materials handling.
  4. NOM-015-STPS-2001, Study of high or low temperature conditions.
  5. NOM-017-STPS-2008; studies and risk analysis for the selection of personal protective equipment.
  6. NOM-022-STPS-2008, Evaluation of grounding and lightning systems and static electricity.
  7. NOM-025-STPS-2008, Evaluation of lighting conditions.
  8. NOM-027-STPS-2008, Analysis of Cutting and Welding potential risks.
  9. NOM-029-STPS-2005, Analysis of electrical installations maintenance activities potential risks.